When I’m Sixty-Four

That happens to be TODAY!! This is what I call my “Beatles Birthday”. And for a birthday present for myself, I decided to finally launch kellycarpenter.com.

I’m retired now. I have time to blog again (and the motivation to do so). So, stay tuned. I plan to blog about whatever crosses my mind. Obviously music stuff, but thoughts on retirement, aging, our dog, whatever.

So here is a YouTube of the famous Beatles song.

5 thoughts on “When I’m Sixty-Four

  1. Cheri Gerstenberger

    Happy Birthday Kelly! May the sun appear, if only for a few.

    I remember listening to this song and thinking 64 was a long way off.
    Ha- now I’m older than 64. But, grateful to be on this planet and have my health.
    Remember – it’s only a number.

  2. Jim Walkowski

    Happy Birthday Kelly! I will be following your blog and excited to watch this part of your journey my friend.


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